Vierlanden-triathlon 2020 triathlon,olympic
Vierlanden-Triathlon 2020
Vierlanden-triathlon 2020 Vierlanden-Triathlon 2020triathlon,olympic
Location:Hamburg (Germany)
Jun 6, 2020

Event Description

Vierlanden-Triathlon 2020 race starts Sunday, 7th June 2020. Event location Germany, Hamburg
With around 1300 individual starters and 40 relay teams from over 10 nations, a top starting field and around 1000 spectators to be expected along the competition routes and in the triathlon stadium, the four-country triathlon is one of the largest triathlon events from the Harz to Rügen, which takes place in the Hamburgische Vierlanden is held. The four-country triathlon has long been a legend. More information about the distances: Race 1 - swim distance (km): 0.50, bike distance (km): 20.00, run distance (km): 5.00; Race 2 - swim distance (km): 2.00, bike distance (km): 80.00, run distance (km): 21.00; Race 3 - swim distance (km): 1.50, bike distance (km): 40.00, run distance (km): 10.00;

Sports & distances

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