Torture On The Border 2021 Triathlon,Super Sprint,Sprint
Torture on the Border 2021
Torture On The Border 2021 Torture on the Border 2021Triathlon,Super Sprint,Sprint
Location:Texas (Australia)
Feb 28, 2021
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Event Description

Torture on the Border triathlons are commenced at the Texas Pool, Broadway Street, Texas. Registration and transition are outside the pool in the car park.  ransition opens from 6am. On the day registrations are available, but will incur additional costs. Racing starts from 7am, with presentations after the last competitor has finished.  

*Transition will open when the Race Director determines it safe to do so.

#Min Age is the youngest age in years calculated on the 31/12/2020 that the participant can be to compete in the event.

##Swim is in a 25m pool.

Participants can compete in a 2 or 3 member team in a relay format (each only 1 team member to compete in each leg, with a minimum of 2 people to make up the team).  All start times are approximate and vary due setup delays and number of waves per event. All participants must be present at registration, race briefing and wave call.

Sports & distances

Open Individual 750m/26k/4k - Individual Age group/open (from A$45.00 )
Open Teams Male 500m/26k/4k - Group-registration team Age group/open (from A$90.00 )
Masters 50yrs and over - 200m/11.9k/2k - Masters 50years and over (from A$25.00 )
Tempter 200m/11.9k/2k - Tempter (from A$30.00 )
Triathlon-Sprint 13-15yrs 300m/11.9k/2k - Individual Age group 13-15yrs (from A$20.00 )
Triathlon-Sprint 10-12yrs 200m/3.6k/1.1k - Individual Age group/10-12yrs (from A$20.00 )
Triathlon-Super Sprint 7-9yrs 100m/1.2k/600m - Individual Age group 7-9yrs (from A$20.00 )
Triathlon-Sprint TEAMS 13-15yrs 300m/11.9k/2k - Group-registration team Age group TEAMS 13-15yrs (from A$36.00 )
Triathlon-Sprint TEAMS 10-12yrs 200m/3.6k/1.1k - Group-registration team Age group TEAMS 10-12yrs (from A$36.00 )
Triathlon-Super Sprint TEAMS 7-9yrs 100m/1.2k/600m - Group-registration team Age group TEAMS 7-9yrs (from A$36.00 )
Open Teams Female 500m/26k/4k - Group-registration team Age group Female Team (from A$90.00 )
Open Mixed Team 500m/26k/4k - Group-registration team Age group Mixed Team (from A$90.00 ) @ 2019-2021
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