The 14.06 Triathlon 2021 Triathlon,Sprint,Super Sprint
The 14.06 Triathlon 2021
The 14.06 Triathlon 2021 The 14.06 Triathlon 2021Triathlon,Sprint,Super Sprint
Location:Manassas (USA)
Sep 12, 2021
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Finish this triathlon and you've covered one tenth of an iron distance race!

Do the triathlon (swim, bike, run) ,or do the duathlon (run, bike, run), aquabike (swim, bike), or skip the run and do the aquavelo (bike, swim). Or gather up a team and do a 2 person or 3 person relay team in the triathlon. Something for everyone here!

Please note: the list of participants on this site includes only those who registered here. A more complete list will appear on the Tri It Now website as the race date draws near. @ 2019-2021
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