Swim&run Stade 2020 swimrun
Swim&Run Stade 2020
Swim&run Stade 2020 Swim&Run Stade 2020swimrun
Location:Stade (Germany)
May 22, 2020

Event Description

Swim&Run Stade 2020 race starts Saturday, 23rd May 2020. Event location Germany, Stade
For almost 100 years, Stader SV has created a strong swimming department and consistently successful swimmers. Swimming training begins in the beginner and beginner group. The foundations are laid here under the responsibility of Heike Hansen. Angela Hartwig and Jule Hoffmann then take over the swimmers and improve technique in competition group 2, and the first successes in major competitions are achieved. Ulf Alpers trains the competition group and takes care of optimal competition preparation. The junior research group is all about having fun swimming. Various master swimmers are also successful in the swimming department and are ambitious. More information about the distances: Race 1 - swim distance (km): 0.40, run distance (km): 4.00; Race 2 - swim distance (km): 0.40, run distance (km): 4.00; Race 3 - swim distance (km): 0.40, run distance (km): 3.00; Race 4 - swim distance (km): 0.30, run distance (km): 2.00; Race 5 - swim distance (km): 0.20, run distance (km): 1.00; Race 6 - swim distance (km): 0.10, run distance (km): 0.40; Race 7 - swim distance (km): 0.05, run distance (km): 0.20; Race 8 - swim distance (km): 0.40, run distance (km): 2.00;

Sports & distances

Swimrun 400m/4km
Swimrun 400m/3km
Swimrun 400m/2km

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