Steel Fitness Triathlon/duathlon 2020 triathlon,indoor
Steel Fitness Triathlon/Duathlon 2020
Steel Fitness Triathlon/duathlon 2020 Steel Fitness Triathlon/Duathlon 2020triathlon,indoor
Location:Allentown (USA)
Feb 28, 2020
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Event Description

We will be holding 3 indoor triathlons at our Steel Fitness Premier facility. You will be performing 10 minutes swimming in our 25 meter pool, 30 minutes on our state of art spin bikes and 20 minutes on our treadmills. You can do the race individually or as a team. Our model is designed to introduce the sport of triathlon to newcomers and provide a challenging training tool for veteran triathletes.
Steel Fitness Triathlon/Duathlon 2020 race will start Saturday, 29th February 2020.

Sports & distances

Triathlon - indoor 10 min/30 min/20 min @ 2019-2021
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