Motus Green River Lake 2020 triathlon,duathlon
MOTUS Green River Lake 2020
Motus Green River Lake 2020 MOTUS Green River Lake 2020triathlon,duathlon
Location:Campbellsville (USA)
Aug 29, 2020

Event Description

Motus Green River Lake will take place at Green River Lake State Park just about 5 miles south of Campbellsville, KY. The boasts nearly 30 miles of multi-use trails, a campground, and beach. The water is very clean and clear. It could even be a wetsuit swim at the end of August! The swim will take place off the boat ramp. The mountain bike trails have more of an old school feel to them. They also drain very well, so a wet and muddy trail is highly unlikely. The trail has lots of spots to keep the ride interesting for more advanced riders, but also has small detours for less advance riders. Each lap has about 700 feet of climbing. The run will be a mix of cross country style running (about 60%) and trail running (about 40%). The trail section is fairly challenging with lots of steep climbs and technical descents.
MOTUS Green River Lake 2020 race will start Sunday, 30th August 2020.

Sports & distances

Triathlon 1000m/14,25mi/5,25mi
Triathlon 2000m/27mi/10,5mi
Duathlon 1,75mi/14,25mi/5,25mi @ 2019-2021
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