Lake Lenape Triathlon 2021 Sprint Triathlon,Super Sprint Triathlon,Olympic Duathlon,Sprint Duathlon,Sprint Aquabike,Super Sprint Aquabike
Lake Lenape Triathlon 2021 Sprint Triathlon,Super Sprint Triathlon,Olympic Duathlon,Sprint Duathlon,Sprint Aquabike,Super Sprint Aquabike
Location:Mays Landing (USA)
Jul 16, 2021
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Event Description

The Lake Lenape Triathlon, Duathlon and Aqua bike: We began organizing races 30 years ago.  This has been a part-time hobby business as so many involved in this organization are passionate volunteers and athletes alike and all have full-time jobs elsewhere and have perpetuated this business for one reason: “For the love of the sport”.  We have consistently brought the same high level of organization to every one of our events.  PR Racing has been working with local municipal, county and health officials to bring you events protecting the racers with a social distancing strategy unknown to racing community.  We know that this is not ideal and part of the allure of racing is to enjoy the experience with other like-minded people at the same time, but we can’t, in good conscience, permit an event in traditional style and fanfare.  So, if you enjoy racing, we will be holding the LAKE LENAPE TRIATHLON as a time trial event.  

This plan includes assigned start times, limiting race participants to 249 athletes, no post registration, no award ceremony…  Changes to the venue and the race are indicted in RED. Many layers of Municipal, County and State Government have approved this event for 2020.  The 2020 race season is going to be unique experience to all of us so bear with us and all of your athletic brethren because things will be different. By changing the format of this race to a time trial event, it will automatically increase (double) the time and associated expense of police/EMS, timing et als.  We have already outlaid permit fees, registration fees, security deposits and the like for the Lake Lenape Triathlon.  Because this is a unique race year and Lake Lenape Triathlon will be a time trial event meaning athletes will be asked to report to the registration area and starting line at specific intervals.  With that said, we are asking that all interested athletes sign up in advance (preregister) for the Lake Lenape Triathlon by July 4th, before we spend the balance of expenses for the race.  

There will be no post, or Race Day Registration We also understand that there may be some trepidation about racing this year, in general, and that is OK.  If you sign up by July 4th, and we do not have the number of athletes needed to host the event, we will be cancelling this year’s event and be refunding your entire registration fee (minus the fee active or race entry charges).  Essentially there is zero risk for signing up for this race.  If we have 249 athletes signed up by July 4th, the race will be a ‘go’.   Lastly, If the race is cancelled by the municipality or other overseeing authority, we can roll your registration to 2021 or 2022, or we will give you 70% of your registration fee back to you.

Location and accomodation

Find your accomodation near 6303 Harding Highway Lake Lenape Park WEST with Any time you book your stay via our website, we'll earn small commission. Thank you!

Sports & distances

Sprint Triathlon
Super Sprint Triathlon
Olympic Duathlon
Sprint Duathlon
Sprint Aquabike
Super Sprint Aquabike
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