Ketziner Fischerman Triathlon 2020 triathlon,sprint
Ketziner Fischerman Triathlon 2020
Ketziner Fischerman Triathlon 2020 Ketziner Fischerman Triathlon 2020triathlon,sprint
Location:Ketzin/Havel (Germany)
Jun 27, 2020

Event Description

Ketziner Fischerman Triathlon 2020 race starts Sunday, 28th June 2020. Event location Germany, Ketzin/Havel
Under the motto "River - Country - City", the city of Ketzin / Havel is organizing a triathlon together with the sports studio Ketzin and Burkhard Severon. The Fischerman is suitable for beginners who want to get to know the triathlon atmosphere, but also for experienced triathletes to prepare for other competitions. If you do not want to master all three disciplines as a single starter, you can do it together in a relay of three. More information about the distances: Race 1 - swim distance (km): 0.60, bike distance (km): 20.00, run distance (km): 5.00;

Sports & distances

Triathlon - sprint 600m/20km/5km @ 2019-2021
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