Hammersee Triathlon 2020 triathlon,sprint
Hammersee Triathlon 2020
Hammersee Triathlon 2020 Hammersee Triathlon 2020triathlon,sprint
Location:Bodenwoehr (Germany)
Aug 8, 2020
Event link: braun-marc.de

Event Description

Hammersee Triathlon 2020 race starts Sunday, 9th August 2020. Event location Germany, Bodenwoehr
In his understanding, sport and competition is the pursuit of "Citius, altius, fortius" ("faster, higher, stronger") and places special emphasis on the principle of performance and competition. We do not follow this principle. Instead, we want to focus on the fun factor at the Hammersee Triathlon. More information about the distances: Race 1 - swim distance (km): 0.75, bike distance (km): 18.00, run distance (km): 5.00;

Sports & distances

Triathlon - sprint 750m/18km/5km

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