Gran Jaguar 70.3 2021 Triathlon
Gran Jaguar 70.3 2021
Gran Jaguar 70.3 2021 Gran Jaguar 70.3 2021Triathlon
Location:Peten (Guatemala)
Feb 6, 2021

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Event Description

The annual and legendary Triathlon Gran Jaguar, former Hombres De Maiz triathlon, takes place on a scenic, point-to-point course. It starts on the former Mayan City of Tayazal and, after 56 miles on a one way course bike on the mayan forest, proceeds directly to Tikal National Park. There are two major hills and a few loops as the course follows the magical forest of the former Mayan Civilization cities of Tayazal and Tikal. You finish the last 5 miles running directly besides the ruins and the mayan temples of tikal, with a band of howler monkeys motivating you to cross the finish line. The event also includes the expo, a post-race festival with a post party with live music and fun. The Gran Jaguar Triathlon is one of the nation’s top races. Back in 1986 in the athletes list figures Julie Moss, Scott Molina, Mark Allen, Ken Glah. this was a 100-participant limit. This 2021 we have a 150-participant limit, so register early to ensure a spot.

Event details and schedule

Gran jaguar itinerary, be pending for more information or changes in it through the page

FRIDAY February 5, 2021
14:30 to 17:30 Registration of Athletes and pick up (Hotel Maya Internacional, by appointment only)
17:30 to 18:00 Technical Congress English/Spanish (live transmition)

SATURDAY February 6 2021
5:30 a.m. opening of transition area 1
7:00 am. Start for all categories.
6:00 pm. awards at Maya Intenacional Hotel (Only the Podium winners)

The competition will consist of: 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles cycling, 13.1 miles pedestrian running

Promotional: 1.2 miles swimming, 40.4 miles cycling, 9.3 miles pedestrian race

SWIMMING: the 1.2 miles will take place on Lake Petén Itzá, depart from the beach of the Maya Intenacional Hotel, and will end at the same beach of the Maya International Hotel. The route will be a triangle, The start will be outside the water. The route will be marked by buoys along it. The temperature of the water in the month of February in the lake is around 77° F or 25 ° C.

CYCLING: 56 and 40.4 miles
The 56 and 40.4 miles of cycling begin in El Remate towards the intersection of Ixlú, or where the road to Tikal-Belize departs where the route for the two distances is divided:
for the 56 miles you take the crossing to Ixlú-Belize until you reach the community of El Zapote, where the return will be located, to return again to the Tikal-Flores junction, where you take the route to El Remate-Tikal,
for the 40.4 miles the route is taken to El Remate and the Tikal National Park where the 40.4 and 56 kilometers end.
The route is quite undulating, we will find the slopes of Paxcaman, Altamira, el Capulinar (two climbs of approximately 600yards each) that of El Caoba (rise of approximately half a mile with a high degree of inclination). After that we will have a fairly undulating route. It is advisable to always keep your right as it is a road open to traffic.

Running: 13.1 and 9.3 miles
The race will take place in 85% asphalt and 15% dirt road (wide streets) in the Mayan jungle, a unique route where you will appreciate and run among cedars, mahoganies, coatis, saraguates, turkeys in their natural habitat; Mayan temples and roads, passing next to the pyramids of Gran Jaguar, the Pyramid of the Moon or Temple II, then heading towards the great IV temple, to continue towards the Mayan observatory and Mundo Perdido, to end on one side of the majestic Temple V.


T1: SWIMMING-CYCLING: Hotel Maya Internacional, Flores, Peten.

T2: CYCLING-RUNNING: Park green area of ​​the museum, Tikal National Park.


BY AGES 18 a 29 Mixed General 30 to 39 40 to 49 50 a + The age to compete in any of the individual categories is determined according to the competitor's age as of December 31 of the current year. Finish Line: The Finish Line, will be located in the temple V

Location and accomodation

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