Frantic Frog Triathlon 2020 triathlon
Frantic Frog Triathlon 2020
Frantic Frog Triathlon 2020 Frantic Frog Triathlon 2020triathlon
Location:Scottsboro (USA)
Sep 11, 2020
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Event Description

Sprint race includes the traditional 400 meter Swim, 24K Bike & 5K run. Swim will be a "time-trial" start at end of pier with a rectangular course & beach exit beginning at 7:30 AM Central. Swimmers will "self-seed" with fastest first to avoid congestion. Bike will the traditional loop course with help from Scottsboro Police & volunteers. Run will also be an out and back route into campground & return to finish by transition.
Frantic Frog Triathlon 2020 race will start Saturday, 12th September 2020.

Sports & distances

Triathlon 400m/24km/5km @ 2019-2021
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