Deuces Wild Endurance Festival 2021 Running
Deuces Wild Endurance Festival 2021
Deuces Wild Endurance Festival 2021 Deuces Wild Endurance Festival 2021Running
Location:Show Low (USA)
Jun 5, 2021 - Jun 6, 2021

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Event Description

The Deuces Wild Endurance Festival is the ultimate race weekend experience for the entire family. It is held in the cool White Mountains of northeastern Arizona over two days in June. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or doing your very first triathlon, we have a race and distance for you! We offer different triathlons for the entire family - DeuceMan Long Course, Olympic, Sprint, Off-Road and Youth!  If you are looking to do a running event up in the White Mountains of Arizona then come get on our starting line! We offer a Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k plus an 8k Trail Run! We offer races for the entire family! Starting at 5-years old, kids can race in our youth triathlon. On top of our triathlons, aquabikes, and runs, we also offer relays in many of our triathlons!

Location and accomodation

Find your accomodation near 1500 Fools Hollow Rd , AZ Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area with Any time you book your stay via our website, we'll earn small commission. Thank you!

Sports & distances

DeuceMan Half/Middle Distance Triathlon - DeuceMan Individual Age Group (from $195.00 )
DeuceMan Half/Middle Distance Triathlon - DeuceMan Individual Aquabike (from $135.00 )
DeuceMan Half/Middle Distance Triathlon - DeuceMan Relay (from $285.00 )
DeuceMan Half/Middle Distance Triathlon - DeuceMan Clydesdale/Athena (from $195.00 )
Triathlon-Olympic - Olympic Individual Age Group (from $135.00 )
Triathlon-Olympic - Olympic Individual Aquabike (from $115.00 )
Triathlon-Olympic - Olympic Relay (from $215.00 )
Triathlon-Olympic - Olympic Clydesdale/Athena (from $135.00 )
Triathlon-Sprint - Sprint Individual Age Group (from $80.00 )
Triathlon-Sprint - Sprint Aquabike (from $70.00 )
Triathlon-Sprint - Sprint Relay (from $130.00 )
Triathlon-Sprint - Sprint Clydesdale/Athena (from $80.00 )
Triathlon-Youth/Kids Race - Youth/Kids Individual (from $40.00 )
Triathlon-Off-Road - Off-Road Individual Age Group Triathlon (from $105.00 )
Triathlon-Off-Road - Off-Road Triathlon Relay (from $170.00 )
Festival Combo - The Royal Flush - DM Half+Off-Road (from $280.00 )
Festival Combo - The Full House - Olympic+Off-Road (from $220.00 )
Festival Combo - The Flush - DM Half+Sprint (from $255.00 )
Festival Combo - The Straight - Olympic+Sprint (from $195.00 )
Running-Deuces Wild - Half Marathon (from $60.00 )
Running-Deuces Wild - 10 km (from $45.00 )
Running-Deuces Wild - 5 km (from $30.00 )
Trail Running-Deuces Wild - 8 km Trail Run (from $30.00 )
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