Crawlman A Swim Run Event 2020 swim run
CrawlMan a Swim Run Event 2020
Crawlman A Swim Run Event 2020 CrawlMan a Swim Run Event 2020swim run
Location:Winder (USA)
Jun 13, 2020
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Swimrun is a rapidly growing two person team sport which began as a bet in a bar in the Swedish Archipelago off the coast of Stockholm. There are now over 300 swim run races held all over the world with several in the USA. Swimrun teams start out with a run, transition to a swim and continue to alternate between swimming and running. With the balance between running and swimming, athletes tend to recover much more quickly, have fun and avoid repetitive injuries. Wetsuits are optional equipment supplied by competitors. Weather condition may dictate that wetsuits be worn and in that case, must cover a minimum, the torso and upper half of thighs. Race Director will determine wetsuits rules prior to the event based prevailing weather conditions. The following is however mandatory: Whistle per athlete First Aid Pressure Bandage, packed waterproof We recommend tether between teammates for swim legs. Recommended length is 10′, but it may not exceed 30′ when fully extended. Toggle carabiner or other quick release devices must be at each end. Mandatory equipment supplied by race organizers: Race bib to be worn at all times by each team member Swim cap to be worn at all times on swim legs Timing Chip – 1 per team Recommended Gear: Swim hand paddles/gloves Compression calf tubes Swim pull buoy affixed to thigh Hydration bladder Nutrition extras Personal Flotation Devices are allowed
CrawlMan a Swim Run Event 2020 race will start Sunday, 14th June 2020.

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