Castle Howard Triathlon 2020 kids,triathlon,1/2 ironman,duathlon,aquabike,aquathlon,olympic
Castle Howard Triathlon 2020
Castle Howard Triathlon 2020 Castle Howard Triathlon 2020kids,triathlon,1/2 ironman,duathlon,aquabike,aquathlon,olympic
Location:Castle Howard (UK)
Jul 25, 2020 - Jul 26, 2020

Event Description

Castle Howard Triathlon 2020 race take place Saturday, 25th-26th of July 2020. Event location UK, Castle Howard York. The Castle Howard Triathlon will be the fourth weekend event of the 2020 Castle Tri Series and will once again feature the obligatory picture postcard backdrop and a course with something for every level of triathlete. Indeed, the 9,000 acre grounds of Castle Howard form arguably the most physically demanding triathlon course of the Castle Tri Series. There are multiple races to choose e.g. half, olympic, duathlon, aquathlon, aquabike and running events. There are also Kids triathlons on multiple distances

Sports & distances

Kids - triathlon 100m/1km/600m
Triathlon - 1/2 ironman 1900m/90km/21,1km
Kids - triathlon 200m/4km/1,3km
Kids - triathlon 300m/4km/1,6km
Duathlon 10,5km400m/45km/6,5km
Aquabike 1500m/45km/5km
Aquathlon 1500m/10,5km
Triathlon - olympic 1500m/45km/10km @ 2019-2021
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