35. Neuruppiner Triathlon 2020 triathlon,olympic
35. Neuruppiner Triathlon 2020
35. Neuruppiner Triathlon 2020 35. Neuruppiner Triathlon 2020triathlon,olympic
Location:Neuruppin (Germany)
Jun 13, 2020

Event Description

35. Neuruppiner Triathlon 2020 race starts Sunday, 14th June 2020. Event location Germany, Neuruppin
125 starting places for single starters and 30 relay places! can be provided! From this day onwards, long-term pre-registrations before June 9, 2019 will only be definitively taken into account if the organizational contribution has been paid in, in accordance with the sequence of incoming payments and pre-registrations. For registrations from June 9th, 2019, deletion will take place if no payment has been received by the 7th day after notification. Late registrations on the day of the competition will be given from around 10:00 a.m., according to free starting places and the number of pre-registration documents that have not been collected. More information about the distances: Race 1 - swim distance (km): 1.50, bike distance (km): 40.00, run distance (km): 10.00;

Sports & distances

Triathlon - olympic 1500m/40km/10km

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