12. Remchinger Cross Triathlon 2020 triathlon
12. Remchinger Cross Triathlon 2020
12. Remchinger Cross Triathlon 2020 12. Remchinger Cross Triathlon 2020triathlon
Location:Remchingen (Germany)
May 9, 2020

Event Description

12. Remchinger Cross Triathlon 2020 race starts Sunday, 10th May 2020. Event location Germany, Remchingen
On Sunday, January 26th, we started from the TRT at the 13th edition of swim & run in Darmstadt to prepare for the summer competition season. Due to many diseases and injuries in the club, there were unfortunately only six of us at the start. The swimming took place in an air-inflated hall. After a short break, we continued to run using the hunting start mode. The first start of Enya Frey and Alessia Congiu took place at 10:30 a.m. They had to swim 500 m and run 5.5 km. Then the start of Arwen Frey and Nelly Strein, each with 400m swimming and 2.25 km running. The newcomers Anna Gröbner and Jasper Stein had to swim 200m and run 1000m and completed a great first competition. Despite the numerous failures, we captured two podium places. Nelly Strein was even allowed to go home as the winner. After swimming, she was still in 5th place. Could make up position after position while running and be the first to cross the finish line. Arwen Frey was not lucky on her side in the finish sprint. She was only half a second short of the first place. A great second place jumped out. More information about the distances: Race 1 - swim distance (km): 0.50, bike distance (km): 18.00, run distance (km): 5.00;

Sports & distances

Triathlon 500m/18km/5km

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